Angeliki Voulgari is inspirational and passionate about her work. During our cooperation she showed great response and consistency to every need that came up. She can be extremely professional and flexible when it comes to working with organizations.

With vulnerable groups she manages to perpetrate to every subject with sensibility and intuitive understanding. She is creative using her professional toolkit and leaves a mark in people’s hearts, whether it is children or grownups. She has genuine empathy and a unique ability to connect. She activates daydreams that can really uplift you and she can accompany anybody, when in pain, with unrepeatable courage and durability. She “touches” people in a way that can never be forgotten.

Salavou, MSc, BPsS, EuroPsy
Psychologist – Psychotherapist

I followed Angeliki’s seminar “Ensinesthisis” and i can honestly say that it was one of the most beautiful gifts i have offered to myself ever. Empathy is not just another word, it is a whole world of behaviors and feelings. Angeliki was so simple and sweet  as she was giving away the meaning of this small and magical word, how can someone truly connect with another person so that every relationship can become more magical and qualitative! The feelings that emerged from this seminar were unique! Unfortunately there is not enough vocabulary to cover the description of this experience. You just choose whether you live it or not.

Darzenta Eleftheria
Ceramic Artist

I followed Angeliki’s seminar “Ensinesthisis” and then i had personal meetings with her. Angeliki is truly a person from heaven. An angel. She offers knowledge, experience, techniques generously in order to help you in every possible way. I am grateful i got to meet her and work with her.

Eirini Lazarou
Food scientist/Services, Food security/Food-Scion

She gave empathy a sense of magic! The sense of magic that comes from love and kindness. Angela just left her print. She shared what she had inside of her generously and that made the whole difference. Unlike classical seminars she went beyond techniques. She spoke of that extra something, the transcendental. She reunited us with the divine part we all carry inside!

Karatzia Maria

You are a grand personality! I got so much and most of all love. I really needed that. I am leaving with a sense of fulfillment but also of sorrow because in every meeting i received so much. You actually offered what you were teaching. You helped my mind recover it’s lost property and put back in place. It was worth every penny and i feel proud i was part of this team following this seminar. Thank you so much!

Pandelidou Evgenia
Independent partner, Health and Beauty Greece

My every single contact with Angeliki Ariadni Voulgari (Angela to me) reflects an element of Life, a “connection valve”. I get to think that every living (or not) being can improve its external features by simply modifying properly its mentality and structure. Like there is a valve that connects every external world with the internal. I feel Angela can really set this valve properly for everyone she gets to meet and by doing so, she creates deep connections.

Georgiou Sofia